• Variable Speed Pumps


    It may be surprising to learn that a single speed pool pump can be the second largest consumption of energy in your house after heating and air conditioning. With the installation of a Hayward Variable Speed Pump, it is possible to cut the associated energy costs up to 90%, which can translate to hundreds of dollars every year.

     If you need to flow a lot of water such as for an attached spa or a variety of water features, Hayward's TriStar® VS offers incredible performance and energy efficiency. In fact the TriStar VS is the first 10 star energy rated pump in Australia. Download brochure here.

    For most other applications, a smaller, right-sized variable speed pump will usually be more cost effective and pay for itself faster such as the 8-star energy rated MaxFlo VS™. Download brochure here.

    Regardless of what type of pool or spa you have, Hayward has the variable speed pump that matches your needs and we can help you choose what type of variable speed pump is best for you. 

    To calculate your potential savings today, visit Hayward's energy calculator.

    For more information please contact us at info@dolphinpools.com.au or Phone 9840 5744