Guide To Salt Chlorination

Did you know that salt chlorination is the most popular form of sanitisation on newly constructed pools? Salt chlorinators continuously and automatically chlorinate pool water. You will no longer have to:

  • Buy, handle, mix or store chlorine weekly
  • Have direct contact with potentially harmful chemical chlorine
  • Worry about constant up’s and down’s of water chemistry
  • Fight algae blooms due to irregular chlorine levels

Salt chlorination is the most cost-effective way of delivering chlorine to a pool right from the onset of system purchase. Salt chlorinators can save you 50% or more on chlorine costs. Traditional chlorine when combined with the swimmer waste and bacteria in the water creates ‘chloramines’. Chloramines cause common undesirable side effects associated with chlorine. Salt chlorinators continuously oxidise, or eliminate chloramines and create 100% pure ‘Free Chlorine’.

With over 1,000,000 Hayward Aquarite+ systems sold worldwide already, it is finally Australia’s time to expand our expectations of salt chlorination. Within weeks they will finally be available, pre-order yours now. Come visit us in the shop (94 Canterbury Road, Camberwell East) for more information on the power of Aquarite+