Has your filter media been changed recently?

Media changes and the benefits for your pool

While it is easy to forget about the media inside the filter when you have your hands full performing maintenance on the rest of the pool, it’s time to create a regular routine that includes this vital piece of equipment.

Cleaning out the filter and changing the media consistently can make a huge difference to the overall condition of your pool.

Why is frequently changing the filter media important?

No matter what kind of filter media you have, the media does need to be changed at some point so the filter keeps ridding the pool water of contaminants effectively. If you leave it too long between changes, the filter can become quite clogged and be unable to do its job properly – this leaves your pool susceptible to cloudy water, imbalances or poor water circulation.

How often do I need to change filter media?

If you use sand media in your filter, you may be able to get away with leaving the same sand in there for around three years if your pool is generally in good condition.

Glass media needs to be replaced less often as it is a high quality media option that are designed to last with only less backwashing required.  It is a 100% recycled, environmentally friendly media that lasts up to 3 times longer than standard sand media. it filters down to 3 micron resulting in some of the cleanest, clearest pool water available.

How do I change it?

It’s best to follow the instructions that should have been supplied with the filter when you purchased it, as every model is different.

If you feel unsure about how to change the media in your pool’s filter, contact us at Dolphin Pools and we can book a technician to come change it for you.