Hayward Energy Saving Variable Speed Pumps 

Recent increasing electricity costs are alarming and what is one of the big users of electricity in your household – the standard single speed pool pump. Would you rather a quiet pump that did not chew through the electricity. Hayward’s 9 & 10 energy star variable-speed pumps significantly reduce noise and are the most efficient pumps on the market with a savings of up to 90% per year on energy costs.

How? Think about your car. When you drive your vehicle at high speeds, you consume your petrol at a much faster rate than if you were to drive at moderate speeds. The same is true for your pool pump. With a variable-speed pump, you have it running at a  low speed for everyday filtration and only increase to fast speed when you need to run your water feature or suction cleaner. The rest of the time you can run at a slower speed and save a lot of energy and money!

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