What is it?

Do you dream of being able to swim in your backyard pool without the fear of skin, eye and respiratory discomfort? Do you want to reduce your chemical use and exposure? Wouldn’t you like to swim in healthy, therapeutic and crystal clear water whilst saving time and money? If these sound familiar then an Ozone Swim Pool Purification System is for you!

What is the Ozone Swim Difference?

Society has embraced the wellness revolution which has in turn, dramatically increased the domestic demand for Ozone technology. As a result, Ozone Swim technology is now being offered each and every backyard pool owner.

Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems are unique as they are the only product on the market that combine the power of Ozone and mineral/salt water chlorination to create the ultimate in soft, hygienic and odour free water for your swimming pool or spa.

What is the Ozone & How Does It Work?

Ozone Swim systems use patent pending Corona Discharge technology to produce Ozone (Triatomic Oxygen – O3). Many people misunderstand what is Ozone. The simple answer is that Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidizer that protects our planet in the atmosphere and is used widely to sanitise both air and water. If you drink bottled water, odds are it was sanitised with Ozone.

A more scientific answer is that Ozone is O3, and Oxygen is O2. When Ozone is injected into water it wants to break down into Oxygen. This is a natural and safe process. What is important to know is that when Ozone, O3, breaks down into Oxygen, O2, that lone Oxygen atom safely oxidises and destroys harmful water contaminants like organics, impurities, bacteria and virus. Ozone will not create an unsafe chemical residual as once it has oxidised pollutants, it decomposes into simple Oxygen. The increased oxygenation in the water helps maintain water freshness and clarity. Our customers talk about how their pool water feels noticeably softer.

What are the Key Benefits of Ozone Swim Systems?

Ozone Swim systems are the smart, environmentally friendly choice for pools and spas. In addition to reducing chlorine levels by up to 80% (depending on pool specifics), they effectively destroy organics, impurities, bacteria and virus and further oxygenate the water. Ozone Swim systems are also remarkable due to the fact that they destroy chlorine by-products (chloramines) and chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium. Did you know that it is chloramines (not Free Available Chlorine) that are known to cause eye, skin and respiratory irritations?

 Why Should I Invest in an Ozone Swim System?

By choosing to invest in a pool sanitation system that promotes cleaner, healthier water, you are choosing to invest in the health of your family – and to reduce operating costs over time. Ozone Swim systems are a premium product so they are a little more expensive than standard sanitation systems, but it’s important to look beyond just the purchase price. There are savings to be made over time due to reduced chemical needs, prolonging the life of your equipment, and lowering operating costs. For example, a typical salt cell wears out in about 2-4 years and can cost a great deal to replace. When using an Ozone Swim system the heavy workload placed on the salt cell is greatly reduced, therefore extending its life.

 Not only will an Ozone Swim system prolong your equipment life, it will lower your maintenance and operating costs (less salt/minerals/back washing required). Yes, it’s an investment now, but installing an Ozone Swim system will save you money over time whilst giving you peace of mind that you are swimming in the healthiest water possible. With the rewards of healthy water and long term financial benefits, why not convert to an Ozone Swim system?

 With an Ozone Swim system you can reward your family with the water they deserve and the assurance that they can swim for hours on end without suffering any ill effects due to high levels of chemicals. It’s a win-win.

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