Pool Maintenance

If you’ve noticed that your pool isn’t performing quite as it used to, if you don’t have the time to look after it, or if you simply want a professional’s help to ensure that your swimming area looks great all year round – look no further than our maintenance services. We’ve been proudly providing them for almost five decades and as time has gone by, we’ve made a point of keeping our resources and products as modern and up to date as possible.

How Modern Are We Talking Here?

Imagine a robotic cleaner that can make sifting through dirt and soil as easy as putting the kettle on. What about an extensive range of water tests that don’t use chemicals or toxins? If those options don’t have you sprinting to your phone, then what if we said that we can help to prevent mould, clean your water, clear your pool and have it looking amazing in next to no time? We all but guarantee incredible results, so why settle for a poor quality pool any longer?

To hire our maintenance services, simply get in touch with us today!

At Dolphin Pools, we can safely say that our 48 years of experience, our extensive expertise and our access to an incredible variety of resources and facilities makes us one of the most reliable pool maintenance services in Inner Eastern Melbourne. On paper, we’re proud of our reputation, but if there’s one thing that we really enjoy, it’s helping our clients to get the most from their swimming pools.